Diabetic and Epileptic Family Charity Organization
Our mission is to assist children, teens, adults and seniors diagnosed with
diabetes or epilepsy, and to support and preserve their family units. We are here to
promote the well being of these individuals and their families with information,
education, short-term financial assistance, respite care, and medical direction.
A family-focused service center for people with diabetes or epilepsy
A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
Established in 2003
When a person is diagnosed with a disease that has life altering consequences
such as diabetes or epilepsy, confusion, fear and denial are just a few of the
emotions that result from the initial diagnosis. The patient will experience these
states of mind, but many forget that the loved ones of the patient also travel down
these emotional pathways as well. Families need a place they can turn to that
understands the problems that are on the horizon.

Patient care is primary from a medical standpoint when a person is diagnosed -
and rightfully so - since the disease is explicitly affecting their bodies. That being
understood, DEFCO is a community family health organization that partners with
hospitals, clinics and other medical agencies to be a center for information,
education, support and compassion for the family members and the person living
with diabetes or epilepsy.
DEFCO - River Grove, IL